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Rollei Book Selections

Ever since Franke Heidecke started manufacturing the Rollei brand cameras books explaining those photographic instruments have been published.
In the book pages of the RolleiClub you will find a wide range of photographic publications varying from near scientific approaches of one camera model to the most artistic results captured by Photographers and their Rollei world wide.

The RolleiClub sells a few of those books but also offers space to international booksellers to advertise Rollei books and other photography related publications.

The RolleiClub is proud to be given the opportunity to sell the Rollei Report series from the famous German author Claus Prochnow. His long time service for Franke Heidecke as engineer makes him probably the most knowledgable Rollei 'guru' alive.

Rollei Report
the comprehensive
technical series
by Claus Prochnow.

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